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Welcome to Arcadia's Tekkit Legends Server. Up 24/7, very little lag, mature staff, Everyone Welcome!

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Find like minded people and band together for lets plays, livestreams and more!

Broadcast your Adventure!

We are Technic-Crafter! Spiele mit uns auf dem sichersten Tekkit-Lite Server aus Deutschland.


Empire Island es un servidor de minecraft oficial con MODS de habla castellana. El servidor es tanto premium como NO premium, cualquier persona es bie

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This is a Tekkit Classic Server on a dedicated machine. No lag and we have very little banned items and you can turn PVP on/off on yourself.


A server for my youtube subscribers to be able to join my let's play world :)

Tekkit Legends
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Tekkit Classic, Survival! Grief Prevention, Towny configured! Timed Ranks for mk1, mk2 and mk3! Little Banned Items! Player Mall! AND more soon


Tekkit classic survival, custom plugins, factions, Towny, and skyblock (coming soon). We will also an extensive in-game and online shop.


HexTekk Tekkit Legends! - PvE and PvP worlds. Raid/Grief enabled on PvP world!


Survival, Factions, Economy, Fallout Vaults, and more! Runs on a dedicated server and has no lag!