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Top Scoring Servers

Diabolic Craft is an experienced server for all ages on a 24/7 basis.… see more
79 points / 6347 total
11 of 100 players online
Listed on the 16th Nov 2013
tekkit server dedicated to bringing you the fullest Tekkit experience as humanly possible. We have as few banned items as we can, and have plug-ins in… see more
76 points / 2220 total
10 of 69 players online
Listed on the 5th May 2013
To space! Using the tekkit 1.2.7 modpack we have created a server to build and explore in new worlds with your friends… see more
74 points / 1260 total
7 of 45 players online
Listed on the 5th Jan 2014
Ihr habt lust auf ein Freundliches miteinander, Ihr wollt euch etwas errichten was nicht sofort abgerissen wird? Ihr wollt dabei sein eine groe Stadt.… see more
69 points / 243 total
0 of 100 players online
Listed on the 17th Jun 2014
Lagg free Voltz server! Ranks Vote!… see more
68 points / 265 total
0 of 100 players online
Listed on the 19th May 2014
XenuTech is a 24/7 Tekkit Classic raiding/griefing/pvp server dedicated to total annihilation and a completely UNLIMITED PvP experience!… see more
65 points / 342 total
0 of 40 players online
Listed on the 26th Jun 2014
McMMO | MCJobs | LWC | Towny | Mob Arena | Dynmap | TeamSpeak… see more
62 points / 705 total
4 of 70 players online
Listed on the 4th May 2014
Tekkit, Faction, PvP, Survival, Player Economy, Ranks, Stable and Fast server!… see more
60 points / 1130 total
12 of 160 players online
Listed on the 13th Apr 2014
Here at ExCEEDCraft our main priority is you and fun. We always respond fast and make your experience better. If you have any questions or concerns ju… see more
60 points / 60 total
7 of 70 players online
Listed on the 19th Jul 2014
This is a Tekkit Classic Server dedicated to Mom and of 3 Minecraft Fanatics, Dad and 2 Sons. We have very little banned items and PVP toggle server.… see more
55 points / 590 total
Listed on the 1st Feb 2014