Best Tekkit Servers


A manufacturing based economy server. Shop plots to sell/buy items. More classic means of automation.


Non-PVP, Non-Raiding, Non-Griefing, Friendly Staff, Great Community

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One of the first Tekkit Legends server to be released. We offer a fun & unique experience.

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Grief protection on ALL Worlds Custom/Private Worlds Moon/Mars Unlocked Player based economy Friendly Staff

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Nexus Legends is a Tekkit Legends server. Survival PvE Anti Grief Online 24/7 Fixed Items Custom Plugins Clans Shop Plus more! Come join us - IP: play


CraftTekk 2.0 German Modded Server Neuer deutscher Server vom Crafttekk-Team. MC 1.7.10 mit eigenem Mod-Pack. Modpack findet man hier: http://www.te

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Coolax Tek-Legends is a factions PvP all out war server. As we have no banned items and all crashes under control, you can fight as much as you want.

Coolax Tekkit Legends [PvP]

No Banned List/ Restrictions. This server and all its plugins are 100% FOR Raiding and everything we do is built upon that idea.


Dimensional Doors mod Disabled, Ender Bow banned, all other Items available Some Resticted per world Great server with great staff, Multiple worlds to

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