New Tekkit Servers


A friendly community looking for more players to join us.


We provide the best quality tekkit classic server for you to play on. Our enviorment is a mature friendly zone which is welcome to anyone.


Welcome to The Etheric Realm! We promise absolutely no server-side lag, and 99% uptime. We use the Residence plugin for land claims.


this server is new so more updates to come in the future if you get on tell me something you would like to see in my server thanks I hope you join


Founded by IT professionals who enjoy Minecraft in our spare time, we maintain a community driven mature server for like minded players.


I am looking for many active players for staff and just players. I am in need of an active dev for plugins and website,


We want to welcome you on our custom server. It has many feautures + a custom modpack that is designed for low end pcs. More info below.

Tekkit Custom Modpack (by Mave74)