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Anathea - Tekkit (Latest) Server


A Tekkit Dedicated hosted server, Active community, Great Staff and minimal banned items allowing you to fully experience Tekkit.

  • PvE and PvP are allowed in there respected area. We have an Arena and Server Shop!

  • Grief Prevention Claims protect you from PvP and PK allowing you to have a PvE experience. Outside of Claims is for players seeking a more challenging Tekkit experience.

  • Voting rewards you with 6 Diamonds, 4 Emerald and 200 Claim blocks, we have 4 sites to vote from! We also use Auto Rank to allow new players to RANK UP with time played and acquire bonus items.

  • New Players spawn with a Golden Shovel, Bed, Potatoes and a Backpack!

  • Up to 3 /sethomes to start; but up to 7 possible from just playing (No Donations)

  • We use Emeralds as currency to allow players a "faster" way to buy what they want from the Shops!

Plugins -------
Auto Rank
Chat Announcer
Grief Prevention
World Border
World Edit
World Gaurd

Banned Items/Mods --
Dimensional Doors -
MFFS Scale Module -
Flails -
Dynamite -
Lux Capacitors -
Saw Blades -
Crystal Chests -
Chunk Loaders - (Donation/Ranks)
Descriptive Books - (Donation/Ranks)

Come have fun~

The server is nice, there is minimal lag, the owner is nice and tries to help out whenever SHE can, the people are nice, the shop is helpful and unique with its currency, not many servers use the same thing. and the people on the server are generally nice and like to help out when they can. This server is one of the best tekkit servers out there.

P.S. its voting is cool too.
Posted 27th Nov 2016
epic server the owner works rilly hard to make it fun
Posted 17th Aug 2016
I always see on tekkit servers many banned items or mods; but this only has mods or items banned that aren't needed and have replacements. There are restricted items, however, but I have no problem at all with restricted items, there isn't much that is restricted, and you can easily unlock most of them, unlike lots of servers I've seen where either playing for a very long time you unlock things, or you donate a lot of money. There is also a nice community, and I like how emeralds are currency - because of the community, emeralds aren't even only used in the server shop, but in trading with players. A great server overall.
Posted 16th Aug 2016
I got banned the second I joined. Not good.
Posted 7th Aug 2016