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Tekkit Lite

Tekkit Lite

We are a newly created Tekkit server that strives to make an enjoyable and friendly Tekkit experience. To do this we put in many anti-griefing measures to insure that our community has a wonderful time. Banned Item: Most EE items/blocks (Although some are available for purchase from in-game shops), Wireless Redstone (Crashes and General Problems), Nukes, iTnt, Tnt (You know why), CC Computers (Malicious Programming) and Balkon's Weapon Mod (It ignores pvp protections). We also features a variety of plugins to enhance our server; these include Grief Prevention, iConomy, CasinoSlots, Chestshop, LogBlock, PermissionsEx, AutoRank, Multiverse and ModReq. Through a combination of effort and long hours we put this server together to bring you...Tekkit Lite, A new Tekkit experience.

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