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CJ TEKKIT is an ever evolving Tekkit server. Our main goal is to provide a lag free, grief free environment for mature players to enjoy without the usual annoyances that come with a minecraft server. While also including interesting and challenging elements such as limited use of items such as energy condensers and relays, this server isn't your normal easy tekkit ride. We don't want to make things too easy for you now do we .

Main Features:

Ungriefable claims with GriefPrevention plugin supporting Tekkit No mercy approach to whiners, griefers, generally rude players Banned or restricted griefing and lag items for better game*play Item level system so that you earn the use of higher level items A future quest system will be implemented for alternative XP gain Anyone disrespecting the server will be banned! if you don't like it don't join, its as simple as that

RULES!: NO DRAMA! No Griefing! All griefing will result in a ban! No Hacked Clients! This will result in a ban! Raiding or stealing is allowed so don't whine if it happens to you No Disrespecting or Spamming of Staff * They are here to help and don't take kindly to being disrespected or spammed with requests. Just wait your turn and keep a civil tongue No racist or hateful builds or chat messages You will be BANNED No making lag machines or abusing items! Generally be a good helpful player and you will do well here no drop party's all they do is cause unessential fluctuations and lag

BANNED ITEMS: Prevent Item Duping (AlchemyBag, RMFurnace, Transmutation + KleinStar) Override EE Alternate buttons (Gem armor "C", ect) Log EE Item usage (HawkEye, logblock, ect. do not do this. May Even implement HE&LB to add to their logs) Prevent certain items from being used in WorldGuard Regions (EE overrides, ect) Prevent Item Crafting workarounds (AutoCraft Table, Philosopher Stone, Project Table) Prevent certain items from being crafted (Nuke, LagMachineX, ect) Open Alchemy bags of any color! Prevent OilDerrick Fly Speeds (Prevent over 2x, because of SwiftWolf) Prevent OilDerrick Cheats (FlyNoRing, ForceField) ChatBot (Use tags to automatically respond to a question) Limit item placement of a specific item Limit Timers to a minimum set time, no more 1000 0.2ms timer


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