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Cellcraft Faction Tekkit Server NEWip [EE/Survival]

Cellcraft Faction Tekkit Server NEWip [EE/Survival]

NEW IP : tired of paying for ranks ? Don't enjoy having to pay 2 play a free mod game ? Well cellcraft is for you. We use plugings that auto rank you after playing for so long, so the more you play the more items you get access to xD the highest rank even gets creative !!

Server gameplay. The sever is a PvP faction raiding server.

currently looking to gather more members to join my dedicated server.

global ban - evertide amulet - volcanite amulet - nova catalyst - nova cataclysm - igniter - world anchor - tunnel bores - howler alarm - tnts

mods - essentials - factions - lwc [all chests, most machines are protected] - multiverse/portals - worldedit/worldguard - partychat

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