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Who are we?

We are a Tekkit Classic server who offers many fun survival gamemodes. We have Factions, Towny and Skyblock. We also have a rankup system where you can earn perks and new commands just by voting!

What else do we offer?

We have many great plugins to offer. We have Custom plugins, random teleportation, Paintball, ChestShop, MobDisguise, LWC for Towny and many more!

I need help on the server! What do I do?!

We have a great staff team, full of people who are excited and thrive to make your gameplay as great as possible! We also have lots of information offered on our forum! Still cannot find what you need? Well, you can always just ask around on the forum, or server.

We have no banned items! We are proud of this achievement!

We are always working on adding more features to our server.

See you on!

Although the community is great, the staff an owner are not. They just suck. So This one admin tried to get me banned for "hacking", so somehow he took the ring out of my inventory and warn me and mute me so I couldn't talk, so he promptly decided to ban me, when I appealed, and got unbanned, I asked the owner why he had no evidence, and he banned me with this message saying "fuck off cunt" for asking for evidence. The staff and owner on this server are very rampant, do not play on this server!!!!!
Posted 7th Oct 2016
This server was nice at first, but then I left due to an experience with the admins on this server that was really saddening. Shame.

At first, everyone was nice, had no problems, just played and enjoyed the server. After the first day of playing I left for the night and the next day, came back.

I spawned into my underground base, and all was good except there was a hole from the surface straight down into my house.

The house is at bedrock level, nobody can see your name tag that far down underground, so I know it wasn't that someone had seen the house and left a way point.

There was absolutely no way to know I lived down there underground. At this point, I contacted the admins, saying I had thought there had been some form of foul play (cheating). However, I was greeted with an ignorant moderator saying a, "turtle" did it. When I asked how he knew, he said it didn't matter, and that he has, "ways of knowing" that it was a turtle and not to question him.

This got me suspicious so I started prodding further, I wanted an answer on why the hole was there and how some, "turtle" had mined it straight down. I was also told that since the house was unclaimed that it, "isn't my problem".

Me and one other random player started to call upon his flawed antics, upon doing so we were promptly muted. I decided to ignore the moderator, and this led him to attempt at taunting me, as if he was looking to make a reason to mute or ban me.

I decided to continue to ignore him, but after about 5 minutes, I decided to respond and was instantly told to, "Drop it" by an admin, meanwhile the moderator continued to mock me.

I decided to be quiet once again, but when an admin joined, he promptly started to tell me off for disrespecting staff.

Let me tell you all this, if a moderator mocked you, to the point of it being annoying, and then was not punished, but you were, how would you feel? Because that's exactly what has happened in this situation.

I am never joining this server again, unless something is done about the rampant staff on this server.
Posted 6th Oct 2016
To many realm resets after investing time and effort without warning. Server admins are clueless on how to properly isolate server latency issues and just perform resets without real warnings. Do not waste your real money or time on this server!
Posted 25th Sep 2016
Best, Tekkit Classic Server I've ever Played on.
The staff is very nice, respectful, and Helpful.
Very nice community and Beautiful Server layout
Posted 20th Sep 2016
Owner is just disrespectful, he never logs on and just insta bans people when he doesnt want to give the time to warn them or put them in jail
Posted 18th Sep 2016
made up new rules and terms just to ban me, lied to my friend as to why i was banned, they said it was un organised mining, but said i would still be banned if it was organised (this was the owner). threatened me when i tried to stick up for myself (head admin and owner) and staff0 abused their powers.
Posted 25th Aug 2016
Amazing server with good staff
Posted 29th Jul 2016
Its a great server with some very cool plugins and patches. Very polite and understandable staff. Highly recommended!
Posted 17th Jul 2016
Amazing tekkit server! Very friendly players, and great staff that are always helping and having fun. Best tekkit experience for everyone, and highly recommended!
Posted 6th Jul 2016
Staff are really friendly and helpful, the community are kind, the plugins are original, there is plenty to do, the server never lags and it is overall a good server :)
Posted 4th Jul 2016
This is the best server I have ever played on, the staff are extremely helpful, professional and kind, the players are all friendly; the community is inspiring. I have probably played on this server 5 hours a day, there is always something to do, no bugs, no broken things, everything is just perfect
Posted 4th Jul 2016