Player Shops
shops again
Spleef anyone ?

NOW ON tekkit 1.1.5 BLAST OFF INTO SPACE Keep items on death

you now keep items when you die we are the only server with Backpacks

still in game and do not dupe.

added a virtual market

just add custom vote rewards and more donator ranks

IP: tekkit.darksoulcraft.com
Web: http://www.darksoulcraft.com/
Time: 24/7
TPS: 19.78

Welcome to darksoulcraft. with monthy contest and prizes. we are very friendly community and staff.

Ops: soulscapex-john2185
Mods: j0nathon,Ugora,1MaSteRs8

no hacked clients

no griefing by glitches or hacks

do not bypass pvp free zones with weapon mod

use common sense

Thank you for your time, We would love for you to join our community!!!