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TechniCube Classic 3.1.2

Serious Tekkit!

Serious Tekkit!

We are striving to make tekkit come at its best, we only have 7 banned items, most of which are explosives!
Massive Player Shops

Massive Player Shops

We have a HUGE player mall for you to rent shops! This is not just any mall! The server does not run it, But our players run it! This mall was built from scratch by 2 or our players Cattalizzm & Bompetue!
EMC Farms

EMC Farms

EMC farms are allowed, but the production of EMC has been made lower, meaning you can't flood the economy.
Our Community

Our Community

We love our community and everyday are making the server a better place, with less banned items, more fancy plugins and epic events! Join us! The family needs you!


This is our spawn in Christmas season 2016!

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+TechniCube Tekkit Classic+

  • Website:
  • Server IP:


We have an amazing 23 RANKS for you to climb! These are gained from playing on the server! Each rank comes with a kit and a few more perks! Our rank list is as follows:

  • Member (First rank, you are this by default)
  • Member+
  • Regular
  • Regular+
  • Citizen
  • Citizen+
  • Knight
  • Knight+
  • Crafter
  • Crafter+
  • Miner
  • Miner+
  • Advanced
  • Advanced+
  • Complex
  • Complex+
  • Super
  • Super+
  • Epic
  • Epic+
  • Elder
  • Elder+
  • Cube (Officially Addicted to TechniCube ;D )

We have SOLID grief prevention meaning mods that usually cause grief are not banned! Quarries and Turtles will NOT be able to destroy your house so you can build a house leave and join back at a later date with your home still intact!

We are reliable and safe server for you to play on! Yes, we are currently new and still in BETA so potential items that can cause crashes are possible but we are working daily to eradicate all the items that are not needed which cause terrible downtime! We are with a reliable 24/7 host which has been built for modded servers!

We have some great starter packs as well as cool plugins!
Starter Packs:

  • Kit Member
  • Kit Ingot
  • Kit ingot includes 16 of EVERY ingot to get you started!

  • Kit Member Has full leather armor, Iron tools and a grief prevention shovel for you to claim straight away!

(This is not all of them, this is just a select few!)


  • We have a cool plugin called LWC which will lock ALL your modded items, you can add your friends, and also remove locks on the item of your choice!

Grief Prevention

  • Grief Prevention - This will allow you to make a claim and therefore you not being able to be griefed, we got it so it supports modded blocks, i.e turtles and quarries from mining your claims!

Chest Shop

  • This plugin allows to create shops and earn money from selling items to each player in our mall! You can get better prices this way by selling anything at all and earn more money that what you will in the shop!

Buy a Region

  • This plugin is what allows to create a safe shop in our shopping mall, You can rent a shop and sell items to other players and go visit other player shops to buy items from them!

Anti Swear

  • This plugin shops the use of foul language used on our server to allow a young player base to enjoy the server as well as teenagers and adults, bypassing the anti swear is a punishable offense depending on the impact it causes.

Rank Up System

  • This plugin allows you to play and get ranked up, you DON'T have to pay for your kits! You get everything for free just from play-time, no need to vote to rank-up, however voting does give you extra rewards if you want to! (Voting also supports the server so please give us a vote a day if you like us! Our voting system isn't forced on you to get better gameplay!)

That's just some of many other cool plugins! But those ones were stated first so you can feel like you are joining a server which cares about your wellbeing, its child-friendly and an active owner always willing to help, and get you welcomed into the server!


We have an amazing staff team, we are a group of 4 staff and are always online everyday, At all times there will be atleast one staff member on each hour of the day, we manage this by hiring people in different timezones to keep the server safe all hours! Our staff are very frienly and LOVE new players! All new players are welcomed not just by the STAFF! But by our amazingly frienly community too!

Don't worry for foul language, advertisements or harassment all seriously bad words are censored!

I hope to see you on, and also teach me a few things about Tekkit Classic too ;)

My history:

  • I owned multiple successful Minecraft servers, player base around 30 - 60.
  • I owned a Tekkit (1.6.4) Galactic Craft server, This was successful but the Tekkit 1.6.4 modpack is dying out...
  • I am now going to try make a successful tekkit classic server (This one).
  • I've been staff on massive worldwide servers (Mineplex)
  • I've been staff on plenty other servers.
    Enjoy the server :)
I really love this server and i never want it to go away. But i have one question, does the server go down a lot?because i really want to play it.
Posted 3rd Feb 2017
I died in the water and the floor was cleaned and where can I find my stuff ???
The server replied:
You can't rate the server "Bad" as this is our plugin STL (Stop the lag) clearing all the stuff, This happens every 15 minutes, the entities disappear off the floor when STL broadcasts it, This, unfortunately is not down to the server, its the fact you died at an unfortunate time.
Posted 20th Jan 2017
This is a great server with some of the best people around. I have built a football stadium and plenty of skyscrapers for my (base)/(city) and i have 90 hours+ on this server alone and i think i know the pro's and con's
* It has a great community
* It has a great owner
*It has the potential to be a top 5 server
* It suffers from a lag really bad due to a lack of processing power by the server host. if this server is going to continue to grow it needs an upgrade.
* It suffers from the lack of mod's being on. there only like 4 mods and only 2 are on and they are only on for 30 mins at a time in early morning hours for east coast united states. needs a mod balance.
*It is neglected by the some of the user's this is also because of poor mod management
*It could use a group of dedicated mods and builders to revamp the server.
this is one of my favorite servers despite it's major flaw. i hope to see the server improve drastically soon =)
Posted 18th Jan 2017
Complete and well managed server.
Easy going community with marketplace and economy.
Very few limitations and banned items, and quick and prompt support/help from staff.
It's a very nice tekkit place :)
Posted 5th Jan 2017
really awesome server. best i ever played sins i last played the game :P spent 70 hours on it already and only been playing for two week it fun and you guys should come and join >:D.
The server replied:
Thanks for the kind words! I am also glad you are enjoying spending time on our server and enjoying our timed ranks! We are striving each day to make elder tekkit players join and make them love tekkit again! Thanks again for the review!
Posted 16th Dec 2016
It's god damn amazing! The community is so warm and friendly, the staff are consistently on . I've played 59 hours and I've enjoyed every single second. Technicube is like a massive family. like most servers it does have its' problems however those are in a small minority compared to the positives. Even though there are limits on how many collectors you can have or quarries these are perfectly understandable and lenient. You can have 6 mk3 collectors 8 mk2s and 10 mk1s! And plus if you have the knowledge (or an internet connection for youtube) you can build emc farms that will act like collectors. Honestly the server is amazing, there is barely ever lag and the owner consistently tries to remove banned items to make the experience even better.
The server replied:
Thanks for your long review! Every word means a lot to me and my server and my staff team! We are happy to see you enjoying the server and loving our timed ranks! We are also happy to see you having a smooth lag free experience! Thanks again for the review!
Posted 15th Dec 2016
The reason why i am giving it a 5/5 is the content and staff and players, infact overall the server is amazing, i join for the first time and get welcomed by EVERYONE on the server, including all the players, This server... we are not haters, we are lovers.

- madbull277 -
The server replied:
Thanks for the 20th review! I can't believe that we have hit 20 with 5 already written today! I am glad you're enjoying our server, i am lucky i got such a friendly community and my staff team are also amazing people, and yes, we are NOT haters, we are lovers indeed ;)
Posted 14th Dec 2016
It's overall a great server, however i do very RARELY experience some lag... whether that's my fault i am not sure, but this server deserves a 5/5 rating from me.
The server replied:
Thanks for your review! As one of the other reviews did mention mild lag its something i'll look into, however i experience no lag and i done a survey and only 1 / 20 people did experience lag, it may be where you live.. :(
Posted 14th Dec 2016
grate server thanks. i like everything about it, kind staff and a kind community, i love it.
The server replied:
I am glad you are enjoying the server, i can't believe why there are so many reviews today 0_0 thanks for your kind words!
Posted 14th Dec 2016
The review that mentioned the lock system i kinda agree.... BUT the server overall is amazing, i love it, i recomend people to play this server its great.
The server replied:
Thanks for the review! The lock system it there to stay sorry :( one day we may change it, but not anytime soon, thanks for the review! :)
Posted 14th Dec 2016
I have finally found my favourite server.
The server replied:
I am glad you are enjoying the server! Thanks for the kind review! :)
Posted 14th Dec 2016
The server is great, the latency can get a bit grading at times, but overall great fun, and there aren't too many players so you practically have your own land to yourself, I kinda wish their protection for chests and other storage objects was changed, its a bit awkward to use.
The server replied:
Thanks so much for the review! We are working on Latency issues and believe its linked to areas where you live and try to connect to the server, This issue is being fixed as i speak and i am glad you find the server fun and are enjoying it! With the lock, That's unfortunately going to stay as its the most stable locking plugin, Please message me in-game the parts your can't understand on how to operate the plugin, I'll be sure to help you, again, thanks for the review! :)
Posted 13th Dec 2016
good server only few banned items and i did not like the destrucktion catalyst is banned though
The server replied:
Thanks for your review! I am glad you are enjoying the server! We are working on getting the Catalyst's patched and unbanned before long :)
Posted 10th Dec 2016
Yes yes yes, TechniCube, New map, fixed grief, amazing staff, Gordon has been amazing, So has Patrick and Brecon, you 3 are the best staff I've met, friendly, kind, and helpful, 5/5 star rating from me,

The server replied:
Thank you! We have been working hard over the past few days to make this reset (2.0) as best as we can and patching stuff instantly so it does not cause long term effects to your gameplay!
Posted 5th Dec 2016
It's a great server, i strongly disagree with the review below, as i find it polished enouh and is already way on its run to it's great potential, It's a fun, lag free server and is over all my new home, Thanks Brecon for making such an amazing server for the public!
The server replied:
Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad you find it good enough to keep playing here! Nice to see you having fun and meeting our friendly community!
Posted 5th Dec 2016
Seems rather new and unpolished but can have potential. Got griefed but it is on fixlist now. So reaction from staff seems rather good.

The server replied:
I'm sorry to see you're not overly satisfied with the server, however, we continue to make improvements each day, we now have a new map and clean economy to make your experience better than what is was, also tools used to grief in BETA are now patched!
Posted 3rd Dec 2016
Great server! Definitely deserves a 5 stat rating from me.
The server replied:
Thank you very much for the review, I am glad you're enjoying the server :)
Posted 29th Nov 2016
Amazing server, Good economy not alot of restrictions either!
The server replied:
Thank you! I am glad you're enjoying the server, Since you reviewed us last we have had a map reset so the economy and map are now even better than before!
Posted 27th Nov 2016
its a good server with most of the land intact and nice people, it also has a low amount of banned items.
The server replied:
Thanks for the kind review! I am glad you're enjoying the server!
Posted 26th Nov 2016
It is very nice, people are friendly, staff is also friendly and the map is not destroyed XD
The server replied:
Thanks for your nice words! We are always trying to find new ways to stop the smallest bug being able to grief so e can patch it, Thanks for the review!
Posted 8th Nov 2016
This is everything i need for a tekkit server, You get kits to start, a couple of ingots and a few vote rewards, what i LOVE about this server is its not PAY to WIN as you are equal to donators, Donators chose to support the server but have no GAMEPLAY changing features. I <3 this server omfg.
The server replied:
I appreciate the fact you've took on board that we are not a pay to win, We are always adding new vote rewards for you all to get good experience from supporting the server! Thanks for your kind words.
Posted 28th Oct 2016
The review below me has said everything, One thing i'd like to add, the Owner and his staff are very very helpful, There is no reason why not to give this server a 5-star, Its amazing!
The server replied:
Thank you :) Anything you need or want just contact me or any staff in-game! Also contact the members as they are very friendly!
Posted 28th Oct 2016
Well, What an experience... I found it a great server, I joined and played for 2 days, within those 2 days the owner updated the server 5 times with all new plugins, which he configured and was already to be used straight away, It's a stable economy, Yes there are a few limits on the EMC systems, but i find that makes it less overpowered making you work for your stuff, I really am enjoying this server and don't plan on leaving in the future, Considering this server isn't even a week old yet...It's just extraordinary, I mean... It usually takes months to get a server up to a level this one is at now... It's fully a non-arguably 5-star server.
The server replied:
Thanks for the large review! I am always trying to add more content to the server, thank you very much for the time you put into this review and thank you for your kind words!
Posted 28th Oct 2016
Great server, Great owner, and great starter kits!
The server replied:
Every big event like Christmas etc.. will get new kits and in-game ranks! Make sure you check out the forums when big events are coming to see other item packs you could possibly gain! Also, thanks for the kind review!
Posted 24th Oct 2016
This server... Is unlike any other, The owner is extremely friendly and will fix any issues that are found, he's very reliable and always adding new features! I have not played tekkit in 1 year and i joined this server and am already loving tekkit again, this server is amazing, I am really enjoying it.

- Centres
The server replied:
Any issues which cause crashing i detect as fast as possible to make sure it does not affect your guys game-play, i love adding new features to the server to make it more interesting and to boost your experience! I am glad you are enjoying the server and thanks for the time you took to write the review!
Posted 23rd Oct 2016