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UnknownTekkit - Classic

grade flare

Updated description coming soon!


Tekkit Classic Version: 3.1.2
Minecraft Version: 1.2.5

EMC Farms Allowed
New map as of 12/01/2016
Friendly, Helpful, & Amazing Staff
24/7 Uptime
PVP & Mob Arenas
No Grief/PVP
Player Shops
Unique Custom Features
Few Banned Items
Custom Plugins/Patches/Fixes

Note: We have disabled reviews on the server list to prevent trolls and griefers from creating a false negative view towards the server. If you are a legitimate user and are displeased with our service, please notify us on the forums so we can help correct the issue. We aim to make UnknownTekkit as welcoming and enjoyable as we can, doing so requires feedback from the community and discussion with those who are displeased with our service.
You can find our community forums here:
To post on the forums, you must join or log in to Enjin, then join the website.

We recommend that you try the server for yourself instead of judging the server entirely off the word of others, just because one person had a bad time doesn't mean you will, you might even find exactly what you're looking for in a server!

The owner of this server has opted to disable all reviews on this listing.