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Orion-Tekkit Spawn

Orion-Tekkit Spawn



Tekkit Classic Server

---===[Welcome to Orion Tekkit!]===---

                                                                       ---===[About Us]===--- 

Orion Tekkit is a server that launched on February 1st, 2017! Since then, we have gained an amazing community and great staff members! We are dedicated to ensuring that you, the player, has the best possible experience possible. Despite many challenges, we have remained online! Staff is 100% dedicated towards helping any players who are in need and enforcing the rules to make sure that all players have an equal opportunity when playing! Our server features few banned items, which does not include Energy Collectors and Antimatter Relays! We also encourage the use of blaze rod EMC farms! It also features multiple plugins, like O-Crate, O-Shop and Tekkit Companies! Jump on our server any time to start a great adventure!

  • Core Protect/Grief Protection
  • A player mall at /warp mall
  • O-Shop, which allows you to purchase, sell and see the values of items!
  • O-Crate, a plugin that gives the player random items when they obtain special keys!
  • Player companies! Become the wealthiest, most powerful company on the server!
  • Few Banned Items!
  • Banned items include concrete, construction foam, ender chests and chest carts!
  • Amazing staff willing to help you out 100% of the time
  • Amazing and strong community
  • A website at!
    One thing that makes Orion Tekkit so great is our desire for any and all kinds of feedback or suggestions! We do this to ensure that the server constantly improves itself and corrects any mistakes that may have been made! Feel free at any time to throw a suggestion out there or leave any kind of feedback! This can be done in chat but it is better if you go to our site forums and leave a threat there for all to see at any time!
    ---===[Thank You!]===---
    We hope that you decide to drop by Orion Tekkit to check it out! Upon entering, you will be greeted by any players or staff online! Remember, if you have any questions at any time, feel free to ask them! We are dedicated towards making your experience on our server the best possible!
    Thank you for stopping by!
    -The Orion Tekkit Staff

The nostalgia!

Good old fashioned tekkit, none of that "seperate worlds for quarries" and 10 page list of banned or class-restricted items.

This is how tekkit should be enjoyed, and it is every bit as enjoyable as I remember it before most servers turned pay2win.

So if you're looking for a tekkit server for you and your friends, then your search is over, I dare even go as far as to call this server perfect.
Posted 27th Apr 2017
I have been on this server for around a month or so now and I can firmly say it is one of the best servers I have been on, the staff are always there to help, and their players are always active. I would definitely recommend this server to anyone who wants to play with friends, and build a crazy base xD (also the recent lagg that was talked about was a lag machine someone intentionally made to mess up the server and it's chunks).
Posted 23rd Apr 2017
The server was laggy when I first got on but then I found out it was because someone made a lag machine to mess the server up. Now it runs perfectly! The staff are extremely helpful and friendly and the rest of the players will assist you if needed! A great company plugin and very few banned items!
Posted 23rd Apr 2017
Terrible, as soon as it started lagging they whitelisted so don't even bother taking the 10 seconds to add the server. it probably isn't even worth joining if it wasn't a whitelist server now
Posted 23rd Apr 2017
Some U.S server 1000 ping moment i log in and after playing for a while plus admin suck dont answer u untill u annoy them enough!!!! Their Is A good Thing EMC Farms ARE NOT BANNED
Posted 23rd Apr 2017
Server is very laggy, the staff don't know what they're doing, crashes quite often. I would not recommend this server.
Posted 22nd Apr 2017
Amazing server, very friendly staff and always there to help. 9/10 only down side is the sometimes crashes other than that a lot of fun
Posted 21st Apr 2017
10/10 Server love to play there most of the players are really nice to you even if your new or old when you ask for stuff most people give you it or u can buy it from the mall of HCC-Co all the staff are really Nice I got a donor upgrade what did not work and they fixed it for me there is all ways people to help you if u ask questions and a lot of the staff is very active. ~Java_Coder
Posted 19th Apr 2017
This server is fun with friends, the fact that you can build your company is extremely enjoyable.
Posted 17th Apr 2017
hi this server very good and i like very much
good vibes and staff :ok_hand:
Posted 14th Apr 2017
Only played for a few hours total but even the owner himself made a point of saying hello to me when I logged back in at one point. It's rare to find a server that actually seems to care about it's players. I feel welcomed and relaxed here. 10/10
Posted 17th Mar 2017
This server fucking sucks if you want to join a real server where fags dont hang out join
The server replied:
We are extremely sorry you do not like our server. Best regards!
Posted 16th Mar 2017
Orion Tekkit is one of the better servers I have came across its fairly new and shows a lot of drive to do well.

It has a great player base along with a great staff team!

Good Job :D!
Posted 6th Mar 2017
A very good server. Most items are not banned so you can pretty much use whatever. The staff and community are friendly and are willing to help. Despite being hacked and DoS'd a few times, the server still stands strong. The staff are dedicated towards keeping the server going. I recommend Orion 100%, especially since they recently added a Faction and Creative server!
Posted 24th Feb 2017
Very nice & friendly Owner. Positive and great atmosphere. I highly recommend this server. Personally I have experienced 0 lag on this server so far.
Posted 3rd Feb 2017
Very very friendly staff and a very good community, the economical part is not ruined, there are malls and admin shops to sell, There are very little banned items i would 100% Recommend if you are looking for a very good server!
Posted 3rd Feb 2017
This server is equipped with the finest staff. They are extremely helpful and cooperative. No hesitation from staff at all. The experience was enjoyable.
Posted 31st Jan 2017
A new server that is refreshingly welcome and full of people who will try to make this the best experience possible. You are free to play and create as you wish!
Posted 30th Jan 2017