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Tekkit³ - Tekkit Cubed - Aiming for the best Tekkit experience

No map wipes -
Owned by 2 professional software developers

Almost no banned items

  • Towny
  • Golden Shovel claims
  • EE enabled
  • Great staff
  • Custom fixes
  • No lag
  • 24/7
  • Great vote rewards
  • Events
  • Unique money system
  • Great community

Loads of minigames including Skyblock Wars, TNTRun, Spleef and Arena

Find us @

Tekkit to the max!

best server I've been at :D
Posted 28th Jan 2017
What caught my attention for this server was the fact that the owners don't regen their worlds, and I've found it really hard to find servers that do the same. I'm really enjoying this server, and the community is just great!
Posted 17th Jan 2017
I joined and the staff were very friendly and welcoming. They uphold their rules and are fair. They also are looking to grow.
Posted 24th Oct 2016
Advertising on other servers. Proof-
Posted 14th Jul 2016