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Mushroom City
Portal Room - Narnia
Spawn Point
Spawn House


Staff are not very active, owner has little interaction with the server, doesn't follow through with promises, server is often laggy, economy is a mess, announcements all need updated as they haven't changed in over two years. I'd suggest looking elsewhere.
Posted 4th Jul 2016
More corrupted chunks than grains of sands at the beach, staff are incompetent and make more of a fuss over a problem than actually solving it.
Posted 4th Jul 2016
If could do 0/5 I would, so unmoderated its not even funny.
Posted 4th Jul 2016
May have a few crashes now and then, but overall it is a great server to play on! The players are usually quite friendly and welcome new people every time. The staff is helpful and nice (except for you Freddo), and are happy to help anyone! I really like this server for the players and the staff.
Posted 12th Jul 2016
They don't care about griefing
and ignore the reporter
Mods are lack of sense to help these people
Posted 23rd Jul 2016