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Server was alright, just one of those alright servers.
Posted 16th Feb 2017
iPlayTekkit, the current owner of TekkitNoodle has been going around to other servers lately, and has been crashing them.
This is very childish and immature of him to do, if he's doing this, imagine how poor of an owner he is.

He's been targeting most of the other Tekkit servers trying to take them down because he's jealous of their success, whereas he has never had a truly successful server.

I would not recommend playing here, at least not while iPlayTekkit is in power.

Also, the review just below this one was posted by iPlayTekkit, not a user.
Posted 11th Feb 2017
A new Manager has recently approached Noodle. He has added a lot of new content and fixed a lot of bugs, the map has also recently been reset, so the terrain is fresh and the economy is currently stable. He also revived the server and brought it from 1-3 players up to 15-25. I highly recommend joining this server, it's amazing.
Posted 29th Jan 2017
nice server i like to play and keep going
Posted 13th Dec 2016
I have been on for 3 days and only seen a staff member once. As far as i know, animals dont spawn, and even though it says that there are no banned items, they have disabled the use of certain ones so they are not as useful as you would believe. I did run into some friendly fellow players though.
Posted 3rd Oct 2016
This server is an overall great experience. The staff is trained well and know how to deal with many of the situations. Whenever they are on, they try their best to help all the players to the best of their ability. I feel this server does truly know what dedicated staff mean. Now the rules are a bit weird but you can easily get used to them and understand them. Currently this server is trying its best to eliminate the banned items list. Almost everyone, from staff to players, is extremely friendly and are willing to help each other out. Yes, griefing is pretty much allowed to a certain degree. The only way to actually get banned is to grief claimed land you aren't trusted to. In the hundreds of hours I put into this server, this one is certainly unique and amazing. Don't listen to the negative reviews as many of them I have been on to witness and not one thing they said happened actually did. I highly recommend this server as the quality of professionalism and dedication is extremely high ranked.
Posted 11th Sep 2016
it's an fun server with nice staff and people help you when you need somethig

i hope i see you all someday .o/
Posted 9th Sep 2016
They don't care about griefing
and ignore the reporter
Mods are lack of sense to help these people
Posted 23rd Jul 2016
May have a few crashes now and then, but overall it is a great server to play on! The players are usually quite friendly and welcome new people every time. The staff is helpful and nice (except for you Freddo), and are happy to help anyone! I really like this server for the players and the staff.
Posted 12th Jul 2016
If could do 0/5 I would, so unmoderated its not even funny.
Posted 4th Jul 2016
More corrupted chunks than grains of sands at the beach, staff are incompetent and make more of a fuss over a problem than actually solving it.
Posted 4th Jul 2016
Staff are not very active, owner has little interaction with the server, doesn't follow through with promises, server is often laggy, economy is a mess, announcements all need updated as they haven't changed in over two years. I'd suggest looking elsewhere.
Posted 4th Jul 2016