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Welcome to TekkitPlanet's server listing!

We currently offer a free-from PVP server with Grief Prevention and PVE, we have a huge player mall where you can sell & buy items from fellow players or sell to fellow players. We have layed back rules, and staff, don't hesitate to ask for support or if you have a query!

Our server is still in BETA and some stuff is still being developed (minigames, will be released in a weeks time) but should be completed soon.

We run a high-end dedicated server with 32GB RAM and 2x120GB SSD, our server hardly ever, if ever lags. It runs 20 TPS 99% of the time.

World Anchors: World Anchors are limited 1 per-player, but this is the only limit we have, we have this limit for obvious reasons: Reduce lag.

How World Anchors Work On Our Server: When you logon to the server and place an anchor that will keep your chunk loaded until you logout of the server, wherever you are on the server your chunk will be loaded, apart from when you logoff. When you log back in your anchor will continue to load your chunk, until you logout again! :)

Very immature and inexperienced owner, server is low quality and generic, I would highly recommend that you look elsewhere if trying to find a good experience from a Tekkit Classic server.
Posted 25th Oct 2016
So I joined this server, and was met by great staff members, a nice, easy to leave but good looking spawn, and a very talkative owner. Great server. Will continue to play.
Posted 19th Oct 2016