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JordanLand [3.1.2] [Balanced Gameplay] [RPG] [Need


IP is

Website is

So -
You've probably wondered -
What is " Balanced Gameplay " ?
And " Hardcore RPG Survival " ?
You see, when these two are put together.
There is no such thing as " end game ".
You'll never be able to get any RM items, and keeping them with you for large periods of time.

Chances are you'll either.

A - Starve to death by hiding.

B - Turn into a werewolf and get hunted by Hunters

C - Get assassinated

D - Success and reign as a King with your guild.

E - Become a Priest and sell your services, be it healing, or warping players.

F - Become a Knight and adventure through the vast world without having
a large fear of dying.

Or, the most popular choice,

G - Create a huge factory, run by your entire guild of slaves.

The decision is yours to make.

Join JordanLand now.

The hunters will be hunted.

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