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Dark-Allies new PvP/Raiding Server Theres Factions to protect your land there is Boss economy to manage your ingame money also Mob Bounty so you can earn ingame money slaying mobs. Just put simple market on so you can rent a shop for a specific amount of time,and to encorage the economy system you can earn new titles from the money you earn from killing mobs or selling items in your shop. There are a few things banned to stop mindless griefing things like the destruction cat and lens, redmatter morning star and hammer (dark matter hammer included) infernal armer evertide amulet, ring of ignition, ring of arcana, (We dont like Banning items but some things are dangerouse in the wrong hands) so if your looking for a new server to join thats ran by mature admin this is the one for you!!

And Beware TnT is Enabled

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