This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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pin_drop poop.poop:45254

Great server, good for lets plays and just joining to have some fun!!

This server, unlike many others, has friendly staff which will aid you and give you 10 diamond blocks when you first join! The staff also will help you with any problems you are having, and we are VERY lenient with the ban hammer!

(lenient): As in lenient we mean, we do not use the ban hammer unless we ABSOLUTELY have to!

Nothing is ever fun without friends! Why don't you bring your friends along to? They will make your jocraftTekkit experience even better!

We have good, simple, hard to abuse plugins which allow players to relax and acknowledge the fact that they are NOT going to be smitten to death with lightning!
This server is PvP/Grief/Raid, So feel free to loot some chests and explore! Make sure to build your house far from spawn to minimize the amount of grief you get!
We also have Lockette!, so feel free to lock your doors and chests!
How to use lockette:

Hold a sign in your hand and right click the chest, the sign will go on your chest with:

Place a sign above your iron/wooden door saying:
and your username will automatically appear bellow!

Join and have some fun!

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