This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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The Mixedupkillfish Gaming Network!


Welcome! To the MixedUpKillFish Gaming Network!
We hope you enjoy your stay on our server!
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What Do You Guy's Have?

  • We currently have FreeOP, PVP , Faction's, Survival, Creative, Plot's, OITC, SnowBall Fight, 1VS1, And Temple Run Reloaded!
    We Will Continue to add more game type's! Such as the upcoming Hunger Games, And A Whole Bunch of other game type's! Comment What You'd Like To See? ( Don't be shy! )

-Why Should we go to your server when there are 22K+ Server's?
Well this Hub is a brandly opened Hub. Therefore It Will not be crowded, Nor Laggy (As Many Other's Are), We also use any donations to put back into the server, For Example Other servers, You donate, They Keep the money while the server is lagging like crazy! With us we will put any donations into the servers, among with our own money! Since we have hope for this server! We are also 24/7 Unlike a whole lot of other server's! Also, On many other server's that are over crowded you will have to wait for player slots to open! Therefore if you are with a friend, It is very difficult to get on the same server and play together! So, Come on and Give us a chance!

Also An Additional Notice.
If any staff member's become abusive, Hateful, Rude, Or any other Staff In-appropriate action's Please contact us through email ( )or in game ( Contact Justnow A.K.A Blake.)! We value each and every player, Therefore an staff member misbehaving should be making you/Other's want to leave! So feel free to contact an Owner/Head-Admin Member and I can almost guarantee a fast/Instant response!

That is all I have to say. I hope to see you guy's on our server, and Enjoying it!

Now, Go, go have fun!

Also. What other type's of mini-game's would you like to see on our Hub? Comment Below!

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