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Ok, Here it is. QuantumCraft WAS one of those server that reset really often because the owner is a noob basicly. And thats the nice way of putting it. The whole server has been re-done, Fixed and now got a few players active after posting on other sites first.

How Many Worlds Is There? There is 6 Worlds. Creative World- Blacklisted Most of EE Accept condencers and alch chests because if someone want's to make a auto machine they can. Survival- Survival is a NON Grief world with most EE enabled but some dissabled either due to being over powered or having a dupe glitch, Most EE items can be unlocked by donating. NBI- NBI stands for NBannedItems And in that world. There is only basic rules like no hacking/xray asking for OP. Griefing is allowed. and NOTHING is banned, The clue is in the name. No-EE- In the no ee world all Equivilent exchange has been disabled and it is also a grief world so it makes everything super legit. AdminWorld- The clue is in the name, It's where the admins can go if they want to test something out before putting it in the real world. Donator World- The Donator World Is where only donators go if they don't want to get griefed. it's a non grief world and there is shops there aswell.

Rules: Ok, Time to cut to the chase about the rules and blacklisted Items. Don't ask for op/ranks/items/creative/weather/time Don't bug the staff about being griefed/raided (Unless In the non grief/raid world) Don't Use Any Hacks. Only Grief in the designated areas (NBI) Don't spam or advertise Please try to spell correctly Don't swear (Although we have Noswear+) Don't lie. Don't spam "can i join a faction", It's anoying. Don't try to craft any of the blacklisted items. Donating Donating is easy these days, Just do /buy to see the avalible packages and you can /warp donate to see what perks they get, Usually we do offers to celebrate Something or the other, like, Buy a package and we will moove you a extra rank higher.

Staff Ok we have a large range of staff and still looking for staff actually. Owners- Addorra, GEORGEJAWS Admins-None Moderators- Bluasaurasnoob, TheTrapBuilder, Awesometoad, Jonjlm

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