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welcome to zamzecraft.

We are a friendly team dedicated to stopping all griefing.

If you plan to grief, dont even bother joining as you will be court, jailed and banned if you continue to do so. We can rollback 90% of griefing and the items taken will be removed from the griefer, so they will not gain by doing so.

But you will be 100% grief free if you claim ur land (links on how to do so are provided with ur gold shovel) so please do so as u will save us and urself a lot of time and hassle.

Also we catch players with hacked clients every day so please save ur self time and dont bother joining as we will ban you.

Thats the negative side of tekkit covered.

if you want a grief free game with plenty of chat and players willing to help you then this is the server for you

Now to tell you a bit about how we run the server.
We try to run as much of a lag free server as possible, i dont belive any server is or will ever be lag free but we are pretty close.
we do have banned items but each an every item is banned to stop protection bypasses or to keep lag to a minimum.

When you first login you will receive a starter kit this include:
full leather armour, iron pick sword and a axe, a whte alchemy bag, 5 gold apples, 2 rubber saplings and a gold shovel to inlarge ur claims.

We have donations pack to give you items no one else can use or just to give you a head start.
Please visit to see all pack

We are asking player to join or set up there own towns (this is done through griefprevention by subdivideingclaims) each town once it gain a set number of members will be made a region with a market.

We will be making tutotials video's for are utube page to give help in setting up machines, reactors, auto factory, mill's and many more.
You can also fill free to do so urself and we will post on the zamzecraft page.

We have many shops which sell machines, food, mfe's, alc bags, condenser's over clockers and lots more usefull items.
You can as so buy kits from the market/spawn including inchanted items.

we have a lottery which takes place every 2hours and rolls over if no one wins.
You can buy tickets buy doing /lottery buy (number of tickets) in game.

you can fight ur friends in are pvp arena, just do /sg join then pick which area an type /sg vote to start the game.

we have /back 2 help you retrieve ur items we u die.
also /tpa's to help u meet and play with ur friends.

List of plugins:
Safe creeper

we at zamzecarft hope will will see you all soon.

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