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Tekkro - Tekkit Classic


Tekkro Gaming Network

Tekkro - Tekkit,

A great server for all ages, players are treated well, there are only a few downsides such as a few banned items but other than that it's a fantastic server, the best server I've ever played!
Posted 1st Jan 2017
friendly people. Very less banned thing. Claims. Not much lag
Posted 2nd Nov 2016
This is one of the best tekkit classic servers iv ever played on. they have a great community. Fun and great staff. this is just a all around good server. if your looking for a good tekkit server this is the one for you.
Posted 16th Oct 2016
Everything cool is banned
Posted 9th Oct 2016
Econonomy is terrible, hasnt been reset in 3 years, map is terrible, WOULD NOT PLAY HERE AGAIN, terrible rules, no giving free stuff, claims expire!
Posted 26th Sep 2016
Do not play on this server!!!! They will ban you for anything!! I didn't break a single role, but they band me! If you are new on this server they will treat you like shit and not respect you! It is a really bad community and they love bulling. This server is a piece of S***!!

I had only played for two days and didn't get a single warning before I got banned!! My friend tried to talk with them, but the muted him and treated to ban him as well! The only reason they get any votes is because they promise thing that they do not hold!!

But of course if you like getting banned and bullied then this is the perfect server for you. If you like getting treated like a piece of s***, then you must join this server, because you can't expect anything else!!

I hope that everyone who reads this will agree.

Have a good day.
Posted 27th Aug 2016
New players treated like crap, regulars allowed to get away with anything. Pay, and you can break any rule. Don't pay, and you're scum.
Posted 31st Jul 2016
This server has the best community I have seen in the entirety of Minecraft someone's always ready to help. Its stock market player owned companies and shops make everything so interesting I made an account just to write this review.
Posted 4th Jul 2016