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About Tekkit Anarchy
We are a free-for-all PvP server. Feel free to steal, kill and grief. Just be ready for the reputation that comes with such behavior.

We have pretty simple rules. Breaking them will result in a permanent ban with no appeal.
Don't cheat/hack/mod.
Don't pose as an admin.
Don't ask for items from the admins.
Don't ask to be an admin.
Plugins & Disabled Items
We try to keep things simple. The only plugins we use are to disable cheats, enforce our /rules, and for /home and /tpa for your convenience. Currently we only have items disabled that are game-breaking or are too demanding to server resources. ComputerCraft has been disabled due to command spam that can crash the server.

Some EE items have recently been disabled/banned. The following items are all that will be disabled: Infernal Plate, watch of flowing time
Crash Items: Dark Matter Pedestal, Feed Station, Dimensional Anchor
Dupe Items: Void Ring, Black Hole Band, tank carts, work cart
Item Loss Due to Bans: Work Cart, Automatic Crafting Table mk2
Other items may be banned later if they begin to create problems.

We are not going to play favorites, and we have a zero tolerance for abuse. The Admins will remain anonymous so that abusers have no way of knowing when and when not to cheat.

List of Commands

/tpa (name)
/tpahere (name)
/t (name) (message)
/r (reply to recent sender)

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