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IndustryCraft - Tekkite Lite 0.6.5


Welcome to IndustryCraft, a Tekkit Lite 0.6.5 server by Ghosts MultiGaming:!

Here at IndustryCraft we strive to stay up to date while providing a lag and glitch free server while providing a friendly and fun environment for players. Our staff are highly experienced and our gaming community extends beyond Minecraft/Tekkit(Lite). We are up 24/7 with 20tps(No lag) because our plugins are updated frequently while providing functionality like an economy dominated by player markets and compensated with a Server Shop to fill gaps.

We have a team/guild system so players can form groups, protect their land with GriefPrevention and PvP without losing their items! PvP is to be halted if the victims are not in the mood at that current time but players do not have to worry about being ganked and having someone steal their items.

We screen every player entering, meaning that no whitelist is required and quick Member status is applied. This prevents notorious griefers and hackers from disrupting our honest players. Our staff will still assist with those who slip through or have alternate accounts!


Details at a glance:
-20 tps: No Lag!
-Server Shop & Player Markets
-0.6.5 (Tekkit Lite of course)
-Protected land (Anti-Grief)!
-Mystcraft Resource World
-Automatic Donation Package System through
-Friendly & Experienced Staff
-PvP Enabled
-Keep Inventory on Death!
-AutoRank or Donating to acquire a higher rank
-DOUBLE Ender Storage! Store more in your locked Ender Chests (Lock with Diamond)
-Gaming Community extends beyond Minecraft/Tekkit Lite!

For more information on our server or gaming community come by in game or on our website!

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