This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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[3.1.3] Lotus Craft Tekkit Server!,

pin_drop Tekkit Server, Come Play With Us.

Server Rules: No spamming! No map destruction! (ex: Placing 1x1 towers, placing lava everywhere) No greifing/stealing/raiding! Respect the staff members. No vulgar language, and no caps lock.

Banned Items: most explosives, water-strainers, force-fields, and Destruction Catalyst. (There may be a more updated banned item list on the server.)

Major Plugins: We have factions! We also have NoCheatPlus and other anti-hack plugins. Good luck with that. MobDisguise, lots of fun to play with. Essentials (of course) and SafeExplosions.

Come join our beautiful little world, make new friends, and just have a good time.
Will try to keep the server up 24/7
We will do our best to keep the economy fair and equal to everyone.
-- KiwiLaroux

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