This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Welcome to CrusaderCraft!

Our server features custom plugins making the gaming experience much more fun. You are guaranteed ot have a good time whilst on the server. We have friendly staff, minigames such as mob arena and PVP and some of the most popular and highest rated of all plugins meaning you won't be subjected to boredom. Our server is great to play with friends due to our faction plugin allowing you to create factions and teams letting you engage in battles and faction wars or build team bases and help eachother scavenge for items and survive. Our server also has a thriving economy with the chestshop plugin, allowing players to create their own shops and sell their hard earnt items from survival such as diamonds or sets of armour. Our levelling system allows you to be immersed in an RPG style experience by levelling up all your skills such as mining, woodcutting and much more, adding hours more of gameplay and an end game goal of levelling up certain traits which also unlock more abilities for your character. Lockette also allows you to keep your doors, chests, furnaces and more of your posessions locked away from other pesky players who invade your house during an accidental break in such as leaving your door open. We also have the option available for players who want to help keep our server alive by donating on our website and in return, receiving diamonds or armour as a thankyou for supporting us. We also have a great anticheat system such as anti-xray and anti-flying to prevent the economy being ruined or people finding your base easily that you've worked hard to establish.

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