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Here at MilSpec we have an amazing community with tons of knowledgeable players as well as helpful, respectful, and dedicated staff.

We try and provide something for everyone and fun to be had by all types of players. When you first join our server you will be in our No-Grief No-PVP main world. If this is the type of gameplay you're looking for, you can simply venture out of spawn or randomly port and begin your adventure; without having to worry about someone griefing you, or stealing your items. We also provide you with a golden shovel for claiming and protecting your land.

If PVP and griefing is your thing, we provide that as well. Simply type /warp factions and you will be whisked away to our factions world. (NOTE: factions commands only work in the factions world)

In order to ensure there is always something to do and fun to be had, we have several additional worlds for your enjoyment as well. Although our MAIN world and FACTIONS world NEVER get reset, we do have a PVPAdventure world and a NON-PVP adventure world which is reset almost daily. This is to provide endless fun to be had by all, even if we run out of dungeons and castles to loot in our main world as well as our factions world.

We also reset our Nether, End, and Twilight to ensure you can always find those pesky bosses everyone wants to get the trophies from.

Milspec also features an arena world for times you may want to take a break from all the adventuring. You can Spleef with friends, challenge people to a Duel in our 1v1 dueling arenas, or even hop in the mob arena and fight off the swarm. In addition, we will also be releasing our NUKETOWN TEAMDEATHMATCH arena very soon, as well as many others to come. Win or Lose, you always get a reward when playing in MilSpec arenas. If you do well, you may find your name atop our Leaderboards as well.

So lets go over some of the basic Rules of MilSpec Hexxit.
First of all, trolling is not allowed. This includes killing people in spawns and hookshotting people.
Swearing is a NO-NO. We are a large community with many underage children as well as adults that play on our server; and we aim to provide a fun safe environment for all.

Disrespect towards Staff and other Players is not tolerated. We do give many chances. We first start by giving warnings for offenses, then jailing, or muting, followed by a warning of tempban; which is then backed up by a temp ban. If a player continues to disregard the rules, there will be a permanent ban for habitual offenders

SCAMMING, and TRICKING people into PVP is not allowed, THIS WILL GET YOU INTO TROUBLE. PVP is allowed in the PVP worlds... but conning people unknowingly into a pvp battle or tricking them into a 2v1 is not allowed. If you are running around the factions world or pvpadventure world and happen to come across a lone player, thats a different story and is allowed.

I thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about our server, and hope that if you join you enjoy your experience. We have many great plugins and features.

Leader of the MilSpec Army
(we use US Army ranks)

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