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TerraNovos Tekkit-RPG/PVP/PVE


Our server theme is Medieval/Steampunk, and we are deffinately bringing the action.
We are an open world PvP server, where players will battle it out for resources and power, leftover from the end of the 2nd Corporate War. Most of the landscape has been conquered and settled upon, and is highly hostile, making it very hard to ascertain prominent land in which to build and start a thriving empire. Our spawntown, known as Sigadrifa, hosts a exchange where players can come from all over and sell their goods for money, aswell as buy certain hard to find goods.. We use a wide variety of plugins, and we are bringing in more every week as our coding team fixes issues that sprout from incorporating them.
Restricted items and mods: Equivalent Exchange, ComputerCraft / Mining Lazers, Safes, Dynamite, Nukes, Trade-o-Mat, Jetpacks
We have mumble, making it easy to connect with any other players on the server, if your looking to form a micro community. Along with our fully accessible forums and dynamic website, making it easy to connect or be made aware of any events on-going, or up-coming. Players are expected to RP, but not heavily, some of our more veteran players, including myself are heavy RPer's, but understand that this isnt always something that others would like to do. We are very understanding of this, and because of this, have a rules outline that will help keep the RP light to moderate for most players, and allow them to smoothly transition into our ever changing world.
Our server specs are as follows:4.1ghz 4 core i-7 2700k, 32 gbs of ddr3 1600mhz ram, 1 tb mechanical backup drive, with a 50gb solid state storage drive. Hosted at one of the fastest Data Centers in the USA, clocking close to 1 gigabit upload speeds, virtually eliminating any and all serverside lag. We currently have a maximum server capacity of 500 slots, and will expand and upgrade the server, once the community grows to that point. Server is greylisted. In order to obtain build rights, you MUST visit our website, read our rules and apply for citizenship. If you dont do this, you will be able to build or do much of anything.
For a full overview of our ranks, commands, and rules, aswell as to apply to our website and become a member of our community.

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