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UpsideDownCraft was an idea born out of a few friends' love for Tekkit. Unfortunately we could never find a good server that didn't take the whole experience away. So, with that idea in mind, SleepUpsideDown, Axioen, and JacobShade founded USDC on the principle of 'Pure, Unadulterated, Tekkit.'

The server has a dedicated staff, and runs a few plugins to enhance the experience, but doesn't take it away. Towny is one of the main plugins, which manages the chat channels, and protects areas for players to build. Using the Multiverse plugin, the server was divided into a few different worlds one for spawn, one for normal players, and one for those who donate for Member. Chestshop, Fe, Essentials, WorldEdit, and WorldGuard are another few plugins that help with managing the server.

Since the server was made by a group of friends, and not an established server company; it is run entirely on donations. Players can donate for a few items, or item packages outlined in the 'Donations' section of our website. We are a non-profit organization, and all proceeds go towards the running of the server.

Sleep is the owner, and Head Administrator of the server, and makes videos on Youtube! Check them out if you'd like at

JacobShade, Marvel_Man and Axioen are the Senior Moderators (Admins) of the server, and all 3 are good friends with SleepUpsideDown. Jacob attends University, Marvel likes comic books, and Axi is interested in Cosmology and Astronomy.

Don't forget to check out our Subreddit for other news and information!

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