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Hey there! Welcome to DecimationCrafts brand new opening! This server is just a friendly 'back-up' server in which friends can chill on. I won't bother you unless I believe illegal things are happening like cheating.

That's all I honestly have to say for now since I'm busy trying to make the server a better place. This server is not hosted ATM. I do not plan on hosting it either unless I gather sufficient funds in someway very quickly...but either way, this is just a friendly little server in which friends can chill out on.

Plugins include: Essentials, iConomy, Factions, Anti-Cheat, and a lot more to come and still be installed!

A couple personal side notes from the Owner:

We have heard about the hacked 'Oil Derrick' client. The excellent coder that has made it has provided us with a patch to fix this by-pass. We have installed this anti-creative to our server so that legitimate players may have a more easy time playing than worrying if Oil Derrick users will blow their house up or the spawn to bits.

STAFF **: Please read! If you are interested in becoming staff, you must be DEDICATED to the server through thick and thin. You must join and PM me about joining staff and I will provide you with all the information on how to do so. Or you could just play and earn it. This doesn't mean telling players not to do something obviously like 'Hey you, idiot! No cheating.' I'll handle that. If you want staff, GENUINELY help 'lost or confused' players out. Not by telling them what and what not to do please. Thank you!


Another side note -.-:
I will plan on adding donations so that if you wish this server will be hosted, I can maybe host it with the help of a couple donations!

Also, a website is INDEV atm. So git yer party pants on yo!

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