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A SoulZoneNetwork Server
SoulsCraft Dev Website ProjectPage

If you ever started up tekkit and thought to yourself: "I want to start a Corporation", you will

love the concept of this server. You see, in Urbantek, the world is very different then anything

you're used to. All the world Gen is divided into 'Zones' rather then Biomes. When you exit

Angel Terrace (Server Spawn) you will notice that there is a Giant City. This City is Infinite.

There are tons and tons of different buildings to explore, Claim, and destroy. All resources are

much more Rare in the world. So you'll have to Scavenge buildings, explore sewers and underground bases

for treasure and resources. But beware, there are no Protected areas, so you'll have to make

use of all the Tekkit items to secure your bases.

First two Weeks will be Whitelisting Week - Sort of like a test run of the server to make sure it'll be public worthy.

If you ever find yourself in need, Contact any of these users on the server. These users will be happy to assist you in any issues or questions that you may have.

Malice - Project lead on SoulZoneNetwork Projects; Lives in a Basement, Good with Whips

It_is_Coming - Lead Map Design; Will kick your ass in Starcraft 2, Gets stuff done

Kyctarniq - Texture Pack Artist; Also assists with schooling everyone on the Team, specialty Religion

BackPackBack - Voxel Box Member, Builds stuff for us; Will flip out if everything isn't perfect, Disowned SZN 3 times

A4E - Dependable Builder; Also known as Gruffman, Battles deadly Spiders everyday

DeathByPenguin - Webmaster and Graphics; Knows poop, has super procrastination abilities

Dmillerw - Mod Developer/Plugin Dev; Has ability to tick off Eloraam's Lackeys, Was too good for ChemCraft

Psherman1 - Lead Build Designer; Doesn't like Sandwiches that look like err.. things. Hiding.

Here's what it comes down to, what we have to offer that is different from other servers. Well, I can tell you with confidence, nothing in here is unique. However, with the combination of these things, the experience of our server will be unique.

Exploratory Cities - Infinite Generating, filled with Treasures, resources, and Traps. Enjoyed exploring Villages and strongholds in regular Minecraft? Now explore cities. Sounds fun? Maybe not.

Hunger Game Esc - Natural Resources are nurfed. Often times it's not worth Mining in UrbanTek, unless you're trying to track down Red stone or Gems. There are lots of explorable places with treasures hidden. Player encounters will be very dangerous since there is no guarantee of protection.

Scavenge Buildings - Alot of the buildings you will encounter have REDPOWER Microblocks and jacketed wiring. You'll have to rip those down and form them together to get the original resource back. Making your UrbanTek experience a little more realistic? Although, I don't see how you can make cables jacketed with Diamonds.

Balanced Equivalent Exchange 2 - That's right, we've enabled EE2. However, we have done tons of tweaking to it, and managed to balance it all out. Things like Bone/Blaze maceration will not work. Nor will making Dark rooms, or even Cow EMC machines (You sick bastards). There are only a few items disabled, which is listed in the Item Black List.

Player Defined Economy - No Server Shops, only Market Places. The Grand Exchange is where you'll be able to exchange any items for any items. At any time. It looks like a flea market.

Anarchy - "When I figured out what Anarchy servers meant, I was totally surprised that I've done it in all of my Servers. Lol". Yes, this is an Anarchy server, which means.. Griefing is allowed. Everyone gets 10 LWC Protections, to protect their most Essential items. Stealing, Player Killing, Griefing, Raiding, Looting, All of these things.. Are allowed.

Arcade - We know how to make Computer Craft Arcades using a combination of Lua, Redpower, and more Lua. This feature has not been implemented yet, but will be soon. So far we have the Drop Party room.

A list of our important plugins, the list will change over time as we make our own.


Every server is required to have a set of Rules, UrbanTek is no different.
Raiding/Griefing/Looting/Killing are all allowed
It's important to know, that all of these things are part of the UrbanTek experience.
Treat other players with Respect
This includes Flaming, insulting. Be mature and handle your disputes without calling names.
Report Bugs, Exploits, and Glitches
This is very important, it'll help us fix any problems glitches will cause. However, if we find you exploiting any bugs, you may be banned.
Spam and Advertising
Obviously Excessive spamming is going to get you muted or banned. But Advertising is a very touchy subject. We don't want you advertising your servers on our server. But if you want to share a link to some friends to your youtube channel, you'll be able to.

These are the lowest of low items. They deserve the lowest circle in hell. All items in this list are Banned from the server.

Red Matter Tools - These Items are aggressively Over powered and wreck havoc on factions and our precious world Gen.

Red Matter Armor - Invincibility is over powered, and in a Server where survival is essential.. Immunity to all damage is way too broken.

ChunkLoaders - These items aren't actually banned entirely from the server. Only removed from being made, there will be special ways to get yourself one of these.

Tank Carts - A bug which turns this item into a Duping machine.

Wireless Jammers - They're really buggy. You don't want this thing.

Red Matter Furnace - Duping Machine? You're gone.

Now for a nice selection of pictures. Don't mind the obvious captions though.

For the First two weeks, the server will be in Whitelisting mode, with room for 25 Users. You'll need to post a reply to this thread to get in. Feel free to copy this form for easy posting.

Server will not be whitelisted. Anyone can join.

Server IP:

A list of our Goals if you will, a Todo list. Feel free to suggest changes or additions below. It may be featured here soon.
Launch UrbanTek Launched 4/1/2013
Finish Vending Machine Plugin
Finish Arcade Room
Code Vehicles Plugin
Code Treasure Plugin that supports Tekkit Items
Remove Hotel Builds from world gen
Fix Vault conflicting with SCS

We hope you got enough information to decide if this is a server you can enjoy. If not, please check out our other project SoulsCraft.

Please post your applications, Questions, Suggestions, Issues and Reviews below.

If you need help with anything, have problems, or just need assistance contact us Via email


For instant Help contact us Directly @ Skype

Malice.Red - Owner 1
kyctarniq - Admin
DeathByPenguin - Cowner *3

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