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fspccraft Tekkit raidcraft


Welcome to Fspccraft's Tekkit Server!

There are a few rules which we would like all players to adhere by in order to maintain server stability.

  1. Don't Hack - this ruins the general gameplay for all players as the hacker gains an unfair advantage. We have a zero tolerance policy towards hacking.

  2. Don't duplicate items - While we have restricted or banned basically every known item duplication, any attempt to duplicate will result in a ban.

  3. Don't world grief

  4. Don't advertise other servers - It's annoying and makes the other server look desperate and pathetic.

  5. Don't ask for admin/moderator/OP - You won't get it, you will be muted and then banned if you ask again.

Banned Items - We do have several banned items within the game. The only items we ban are those which cause the server to crash, or ones used for duplication purposes. This list includes the following items:

  • Chunk Loaders
  • Tank Cart
  • Cart Dispenser
  • Block Breaker
  • Deployer
  • Disk Drive
  • Red Matter Furnace
  • Transmutation Tablet
  • Void Ring
  • Black Hole Band
  • Automatic Crafting Table MKII
    (Probably forgetting some items, but full EE is enabled)
    For a full list, type "/banneditems" into the chat in game.

Also, please sign up on our website at "" This will allow you to get the most current information regarding the server whether it's an IP change, server upgrade, or any downtime.

We accept donations for the server. Currently the server is hosted through We have 3.5gb of ram (80 Slots+). This costs me $42.50+ USD per month to keep the server up and running. Donations help pay this server fee. Ultimately, without donations the server will shut down because I can't afford to pay the full bill per month.

However, donators will receive the "Donator" title in game. This includes some pretty awesome benefits which include access to gem armor and extra commands such as /nick, /time, /weather, /world, /hat, and /sethome multiple.

We hope you enjoy the time spent on Fspccraft. Our goal is to make your experience with us as enjoyable as possible!

Server Owner: PrincessLuna, Zacharynordby
Co-Owner: Kirofurpaw, Arookonas, Primaldarkness
Admin: Looking for staff
Moderators: Looking for staff

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