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Small MC Server


My server has many different ranks and titles listed bellow

[New]: The New rank is for players who are new and have just joined the server. They have basic permissions.

[member]: The member rank is earned when a player reads rules. Members have the basic perms as well as New but can also use more advanced ones like /sethome /warp etc.

[Builder]: the Builder rank can be achieved when a player has built a house or structure that looks very good. advanced builders usually rank up very quickly. Builders have the same perms as members do.

[Knight]: Knights are for the players that play on the server a lot. Knights are usually very loyal and are respected for their rank. Knights have all the same commands as member + /nick /hat and /realname and some more misc commands.

[Explorer]: Explorers are for people that I think will help new players and others out all the time. Explorers are normally earned when I think a knight is ready to be more of a semi-staff player. Explorers have all the commands and perms on knight + /broadcast and nickname colors.

[Champion]: Champions are staff and they all or loyal and hard working. A champion is pretty much a moderator without the promotion and ban commands. But their are only 3 spots remaining in this rank so only the most hard working players can achieve this. Champions have /jump /fly, fly safe mode and some more moderator commands.

So those are the ranks and also I would like to say i do not want griefers etc or hackers on this server these types of people will be banned so here is the list of rules below
1 be friendly do not disrespect people
2 No griefing
3 no hacking
4 swearing is allowed but do not swear directly at a player
5 No asking for ranks and items
6 don't be a jerk be nice to people
7 no abuse
8 No Xray
9 No spamming
10 No server Advertising

so yer thats really it so I hope you like my server. remember [owner]= z0mbiespartan17 ;D

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