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TurtleCraft ;)



To Sign Up On The Website goto Members and Click Join Site in the top right
Yaaah... The Ip says worldoftekkit not Turtlecraft... lol but we decided to change hosts and change are name and start over new so its not named turtlecraft so what were looking for is new players donators some staff members and all that cool jazz we had a tekkit server called The World Of Tekkit Minecraft Server Before But We Trashed That And Decided to Start New Since Today July Friday 13 Is Are First Day Going Public On This Server There Shouldent Be Any RM People Yet

1.No Griefing
2.No Stealing
3.PVP Is aloud.
4.Do Not Ask For Items
5.Do Not Ask For Ranks
6.Do Not Ask For OP
7.Do Not Ask For Gamemode
8.No Duping
9.No Rape
10.Report Bugs To Fastik (Add me on skype at fastik85)
11.No Swearing
12.Do Not Ask How To Get Promoted You Will When We Think That You Deserve A Higher Rank
13.Breaking Any Of These Rules Will Get You BANNED!(You Can Despite Them With Are Staff Members Online On Are Forums If You Do)

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