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MineUK [24/7] [No Lag] [Great Community]


Sorry, TSL has a stupid 2500 character limit. This is just a summary of our post. We couldn't post pictures. Please visit the full post on the forums at:

MineUK is a Tekkit server, delicious!
The server is quite new, we are hoping to get a lot of new players onto the server and get the ball rolling.
The main gameplay is based around trade and co-operation between players. We like to encourage people to focus more on co-operative gameplay.

See you on the server!

Server info:

Server IP:


Player Slots: 54 Slots

Server Location: France

Requirements: Technic Launcher (Make sure you load the Tekkit modpack and not Technic!)

  1. PvP is allowed, but not on other people's property
  2. No whining about things like minor grief or being killed
  3. No exploiting, no cheating, (This includes X-Ray etc)
  4. Don't be a dick
  5. Respect the staff, and they will respect you in return
  6. Don't request items to be spawned
  7. Have fun!

Contact Us:


Staff Skype information on

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