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Are you looking for a unique server that allows you to PvP, Grief and even claim? Have a dedicated staff team waiting to give you help or even a server that has a very small banned item list?

Then TekkitPrism is for you! Here at TekkitPrism our aim is to become the most helpful and caring Tekkit server. We don't take donations as our main priority like most servers. Our main priority is the players who play TekkitPrism.

We try and create a server were players feel a part of the communtity and share their ideas and how to improve the server. We have very friendly and dedicated staff that offer as much help as possible. TekkitPrism is always looking out for suggestions and improvements. We take feedback very seriously. On TekkitPrism we have many awesome features that will always keep you entertained. One of the major ones is the playing time. You will progress ranks as you play on the server. You will unlock collectors by playing. mk1,mk2 and mk3 are unlocked as you play. Unlike most servers that have a method where you will need to donate for them.

We also have weekly and monthly events on which you can obtain your self some swag on steam or even some other in-game rewards. We have already given out quite a few steam keys, which include : dota 2, Garry's mod, Darksiders and Terraria. As well as many in-game donator ranks.

The TekkitPrism team is incredibly dedicated to the server and this is because we feel that to host a Tekkit server you MUST put a lot of work into it. On TekkitPrism we don't believe in map resets unless it is a serious issue. Most servers we have seen will ALWAYS resort to a map reset instead of finding solutions for the lag and corrupted chunks. Here at TekkitPrism we have a dedicated team of developers and helpers which have already found solutions and use their free time to install them on to the server to ensure that TekkitPrism is better for the players.

so, enough reading and come find out for yourself. Come and play on TekkitPrism and enjoy playing Tekkit the way's it's supposed to be played.

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