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|-|Welcome to Combat Craft|-|


Combat Craft is now open to public and Not Whitelisted Anymore. please Visit our Website For More information then below...

Here at Combat Craft our Mission is To provide Player's with a Server of fair Play, But Also Hardcore Survival..
We have the nicest Staff, and Most helpful Staff! Our Staff is on 24/7 From Different Countries to different TimeZones to be on and help our Players out 24/7 and keep the server l3git.
CombatCraft Right Now is Based on BosEconomy Survival

We Plan to have CTF Arena, VIP hotel, Towny, Citizens, And a Role-Playing Server-Wide Town [ For Player's who are really into that Role-play type Stuff]

Server-Wide RolePlay Town Will have Job's, Ranks, Officer's, and more To make the Town more of a Roleplaying Community.. But it will be Seperate from Survival ( maybe in a Seperate World)


  1. Be Kinda And Respectuful to All players on Server
  2. 2.Buildings Made too Close to Spawn That Are.. Ugly Will be Removed
  3. 3.No begging for Item's, Rank promotion, or gameMode
  4. 4.please Dont Spam Chat with Foul language, or Excessive commands
  5. 5.Use of Any of the Following Cheats/Exploits will be banned Automatically
    • No Questions Asked:
    • Fly mods
    • Speedhacks
    • X-ray Hacks, Clients
    • Abusing Dupe Glitches
  6. No Dirt or Gravel houses Aloud on Server.
  7. No griefing Random land
  8. Raid Players, dont Grief So much.

Top 10 plugins out of 30 on our Server:

Pictures, and Videos Coming Soon

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