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=-=YES WE HAVE EE enabled=-=

We are a fairly new server but experienced server; Our staff have been playing for years and are very well experienced with Minecraft, Tekkit and the responsabilty of being admins, derived from previous experience on servers including Minecraft/Tekkit.

Server Hardware:
Running at 4GB 1600Mhz RAM (We WILL be adding more RAM shortly), i7 2600k OC'd to 5Ghz running with an SSD Setup.
Hosted in the EU in France to ensure optimal speeds across the EU and World, with 1GBPS U/D we ensure American and Asian players get Low latency too to make a Lag-Free Server!

EE is enabled on TrueMine and it will stay that way, it brings more fun into tekkit.

The server has up to date anti-grief plugins, some made by the Owner; Draesia. We are using protection stones to protect your creations... You start with a Diamond protection block capable of protecting a 41x41 Area for your land, you can buy more protection blocks at spawn.

-=-Protection Blocks-=-
There are three levels of Protection Blocks.
Coal ore block gives you 11x11x11 area
Lapis Ore block gives you 21x21x21 area
Diamond Ore block gives you 41x41x41 area

After a hard day mining and building why not relax in our arcade and play games like, Slots, Minecart Massacre and Red or Green with more to come, these require credits to play but can reward you with many more that you can sell back.

Unlike most servers we have many items that are unbanned.

-=-Unbanned Items-=-
Energy Collectors, Quantum Armour, Computer Craft, Red Matter tools, Fillers, Transmuation tablets, Mining Lasers, Deployers and Quarry's

[1] Be Respectful
[2] Be Ethical
[3] Use Common sense
[4] No Extensive use of BC pipes
[5] No Mass Murder
[6] No killing new players
[7] Keep Profanity to a minimum
[8] No Griefing
[9] No Hacking (Third Party Jar Modifications)
[10] No Speaking in all CAPS. eg. "OMG YOU KILLED ME"
[11] No Spamming
[12] Do not ask for OP or Staff

The aim of this server is to allow players with the freedom to build, To make crazy EMC contraptions, to make just totally awesome stuff, This is why we have tried our best to keep the ban limit on
We look forward to seeing you soon

Have fun!

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