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Stellaria Tekkit - a sci-fi hard one

Serial killer rehabilitation
Duper rehabilitation
Homeless shelter
Space station spawn with asteroids

+++ Read the forums before play +++

There are 3 phases of play, each delivering a different experience.

First phase:
The mothership malfunctioned, and crash landed on this new world so long ago, and you dream...
As you thaw out from deep hybernation, you are greeted with blaring alarms, and malfunctioning lights.
Strange humanoids are growling in the other tanks! As you flee up, soon discover that you are inside a hydroponic unit, and the only way out is a delepted transporter, what you have to fill with precious matter to escape outside. You began to dig, and make some shelter inside the huge hydroponic unit, unaware of the nearing growl of escaped mutants and stranger monsters...

Second phase:
Okay, you are outside at last, it was a big loss, but the endless plain stretches before you.
You see hull plating debris around, and wonder if there are any surviving modules?
You remember as you are a special crew member able to the make wondrous machines, but you know that there were teaching modules in the ship, and maybe you can find some of them to learn new abilities?
But first you will need a home.

Third phase:
You found every secret, and a polihistor of technology, and begin to discover things not possibble to mere humans. You can make wonderful floating cities, and strange machinery at your whim.
And then BAM! the realisation comes.

I don't want to spoil the surprise.
This third phase is of two possibilities, like choosing how to handle the Force (no midiclorians, thanks)

We got Magicspells plugin as psionic now.

A change will come where you don't buy to lift bans, but advance in your chosen profession.

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