This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Please read the following description, this is to give you a rough idea about our server!

Our staff are on 24/7 to look after the players and ensure they are being treated faily and noone is breaking the rules, we respect each member fairly and do not show favouriteism, we also like to help our players out, not just with server commands etc, but with tekkit items to!, this way our members can learn more about tekkit while having fun with there friends, each one of our staff is also told not to troll/grief/raid.

Banned items:
Our server has next to no banned items, all of EE is enabled and working perfectly, but however, there is some banned items, like deployers and frame motors!

Server uptime:
The server is up 24/7 so that members can join whenever they like, as we said, our staff are also very dedicated, meaning they will be on to assist you

Donator ranks:
We have donator ranks, they consist of normal, iron, gold, diamond and obsidian, the prices are fair compared to the amount of commands you get!

Do I have to sign up on the website for the 'member' rank?
No, you don't, as soon as you join you get the 'member' rank!

What are the banned items?
A full list of banned items can be found on the website in the 'Gaming' part
of the forums.

Can I have OP?
No, we do not hand out op. One of the rules states that this is a punishable offence.

Is there skyblock?
No, people keep joining asking for skyblock, there is no skyblock.

Is there a limit on machines?
No. Keep as many machines on for as long as you like, we don't mind.

What do I get for inviting my friends?
For every friend you invite, you will get a free item of your choice as long as the item is not banned. (Friend's IPs will be checked.)

How do I protect my stuff?
Now thats optional, we have 'Towny' and 'GriefPrevention', so there is plenty of choice.

Can I raid/grief?
No. This is an instant ban. The reason being as I, the owner, have had a bad experience with this on other servers in the past. Also, it results in people quiting the server.

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