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Oils of Warcraft~
Warcraft offers wonderful plugins that other servers have, and makes them that much better. Factions is upgraded to where it is more experimental to raid and Citizens has put a new twist with tantalizing quests that make you feel as if you were playing the next addition in the Elder Scrolls! Collect, Hunt, and Assassinate specific target to complete tests designed for you, of course rewards are given!

This very new server has hit the ground running, and is usually packed with people. Due to an increase in donations, we will soon be upgrading our server to 20 slots [8-28-2012 most likely] Even so, Donations are always appreciated and you get amazing perks. Wouldn't you also like to experience an amazing roleplay and pvp experience? We serve that here at Oils of Warcraft! We also update plugins and add new ones at a rapid pace!

Like all professional Minecraft servers, or just gaming servers in general, Oils of Warcraft has its very own, organized website designed simply for you and all other players. Videos that the Brine Brothers made themselves to broadcast our server, Pictures the server to show others what great times we have, Donations to support the server and achieve new perks, Forums to give suggestions, ban appeals, and so much more!

Obviously, Oils of Warcraft needs Donations to keep upgrading and allow more people to experience the wonder we give here. Donations are not mandatory, and Oils of Warcraft is able to keep a steady 20 slots. However, wouldn't you want more players, more plugins, and less lag? I thought so. Donating not only helps the server, it allows you to use more kits, obtain several free ores, buy more items, and receive other plugin perks!

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