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Brothers Gaming - Tekkit Classic


Official ip:
The official one isnt able to connect to tekkitserverlist so we used our non port forwarded one, however both of them work!

The Brothers Gaming community welcomes you to our brand new 24/7 Tekkit Classic server!
Here you will find an amazing array of staff, plugins and players to make sure YOU get the best out of classic, we know how hard it is to find decent servers these days, this is why this is a fully dedicated server not here to make money, we are a community funded server but dont worry! if the donations stop, the server doesnt! as we are hosting this privately.

We promise to you a server lag free, hacker free, and minimal banned items
ll the current banned items are TEMPORARY, the only reason they will be banned is if they are able to do things we wish them not to do, as soon as we patch them the items will be free for you to use!
We also promise that donator ranks will not be overpowered, we want people to donate to help improve the server! not to recieve items normal players cant, that is why we have only given donators little extras, and in game items as a kit to make sure they keep on the same level as you!
Last and not least, we promise to keep the server going for as long as possible, we are a very new community so hiccups will take place, but with you help we can grow the server, and make it one of the best

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