This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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NEW You can now choose to play in a non-PVP and a PVP world! You will spawn in the non-PvP and after reading the rules, the portal in spawn you can travel through will take you to PVP if you wish! Remember, even though you can fight, NO GRIEFING is allowed in PVP world. And yes, you can safely build in the PVP world.

Welcome to SilentCentral!

SilentCentral is a Tekkit/Towny server! With Towny, we staff don't need to protect your land you can do it yourself by buying a town,however we do have to help you in case of a traitor in you town he/she will be dealt with a ban as Griefing is NOT aloud. Have you been looking for an exciting, Brand new Tekkit experience? Well look no further, we have all the right stuff for you're Tekkit needs,Towny, LWC, Banned items, Grief protection, NoLag. We have the best staff and we ARE looking for staff. (Just don't ask) If you want to become staff, our website will have an Application where you can join us! All Staff except co-owner+ don't have access to GM which means everything is legit so don't moan at staff for spawning in items they can't, remember if you see any of them around your stuff and your worried they are only on staff business!!

Current Ranks: - Guest: Obtained Immediately - Towny Commands - Build - Normal User - Member: Obtained automatically in 2 hours of gameplay - More Towny commands - Same as above - Honored: 10+ Hours on the server - A higher rank shows experience - Trusted/Friendly: Staff chosen players who have shown outstanding gameplay - Pseudo Donator rank - VIP: First Level Donator (5$) - See Website for Details! - VIP+: Second Level Donator (10$) - See Website for Details! - VIP++: Third Level Donator (20$) - See Website for Details! - VIP+++: Fourth Level Donator (30$) - See Website for Details! - ELITE: Fifth Level Donator (31+$) - See Website for Details! - TrialMod - Our fresh out the batch moderators! - Moderator - our veteran Moderators! - EliteMod - our wise old moderators! - Admin - Our Handpicked Admins! (Do not ask, this is for people who have contributed much to the server) - Co-Owner - LeadoffRH_Mafia (AKA Yuri, and sometimes Diana) - OWNER! - Adthemad (AKA Adam)

If you have questions, add us on skype!

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