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Who are we?

Good question indeed. We are a bunch of people who love building and playing on Minecraft to which we want to show others how cool and fun modpacks can be. Now the staff on these wonderful servers that we are doing are hand picked by the wonderful owner of the servers. They have been staff on other servers or even on here for some time and know there way around, so don’t hesitate to ask questions.

If you are looking for a real quality place to play with mature and fun individuals, our Minecraft server group would be a great place for you to come join, experience some great times, and make some memories.

What is Our Theme?

Our theme on the servers are Towny (where you build a town with friends or even make new ones). We are also reliable, professional, friendly and run a stable lag-free server network

Tekkit Lite:

Our newest addition to our group of servers is another Towny based server. On this server our main area (where you first spawn) was inspired by a desert oasis. The nether and the end are both in this; also on this server are player shops right below where you spawn for the first time, so check them out and perhaps after awhile you might have your own shop to sell items to players.

~Side note~

We will be expanding in the future to a hub server so that we can have mysts and a mineral world just for mining.

With that in mind if you have any suggestions or ideas that you might want to see on the server or in the server don’t hesitate to make a forum post about it.

Why choose our servers?

Another great question. Well to start our staff is dedicated to helping and fixing things whenever they come up. They are a very knowledgeable group of people and you could even become friends with them. Another reason to join would be to have fun and get to enjoy minecraft while hanging out with friends or even family. If you are bored of a plain server or one that has drama this isn’t one of those servers. Once things get rolling we may have competitions on the server for prizes, wouldn’t that be fun. We hope you enjoy the server as much as we do. From staff to you we hope you enjoy your time with us and get to have fun also.

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