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Central Craft - Tekkit 3.2.1

We are a small server looking for players that will play on a regular terms helping us to increase out chances of getting more and more popular, We are currently looking for staff to moderate and administrate it but you will need to prove we can trust you, Saying that you must have at least 10 hours playing time on your account(the name you're apply for staff with) and be the rank regular.

Plugins -

Essentials, (economy)(group manager)
Buycraft, To handle the donations
Multiverse, (Portals) So we can have donation worlds ect
dynmap, So you can find more places to hide/build and create in them locations
Server Information, Custom plugin created for the server (KingKongCaliber)

Pictures - Coming soon

Our staff members.

Founder - KingKongCaliber
Co-Founder - Pellow41

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