This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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MFC Tekkit! No PvP and Anti-Grief


NOTICE: We just upgraded our servers to double proccessing power and connection speed! We have purchased new domains to make connection easier. Please come join us at! Register on our site at

Welcome to MFC-Tekkit Server
Notice: All rings but swiftwolf are banned (grief issue); otherwise most EE is enabled.

This is a survival towny server so feel free to join us and make your own town for protection and to grow a community. Our server is all about innovation and being the best of the best- having the best designs, the best factory, ect. Are YOU ready for the challenge? PvP is disabled except in the PvP arena. We aren't a whitelist server, so join at any time!

Don't forget to leave us a vote or a like it is appriciated and visit us on our main homepage at

About our server:
50 slots with 16 GB of RAM.
Survival server.
Pvp is disabled.
Towns are free.
You can buy and sell items with ChestShop plugin.
Players are friendly and will do personal trades with you aswell.

Some of our plugins:
and a whole lot of other great plugins that are always being tweaked with to provide the best experience possible.


  1. Listen to the Admins.
  2. No racism.
  3. No cheating as in x-ray, flying without perms, no hacked clients, no glitching.
  4. No asking for items.
  5. No asking for ranks.
  6. No spamming.
  7. No advertising.
  8. Don't be stupid, use common sense.
  9. No excessive use of foul or otherwise inappropriate language

ALL Tekkit mods are enabled however there are some banned items (generally items that can be used to grief)

Some of these items include:
-All rings EXCEPT SwiftWolf's Rending Gale
-TNT Carts, TNT, Nuke, Nova Catalyst
-destruction catalyst, catalyst lens
-Transmutation Tablets
-RM Funaces
/warp banned for full list

Other MFC Servers

  1. Main Server (Bukkit Server)

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