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Welcome to TekkitArmy!

At TekkitArmy we believe in playing tekkit with as little limitations as possible. That is why we have banned only a few items and only have some functions banned.

We are a anti grief server which means you will never lose your progress. We have multiple plugins to prevent gried and/or repair grief.

Due to the owner being a developer by trade, we have a lot of custom plugins to expand on the server.

We are PVE server so unfortunately this means there is no PVP however we do have a PVP arena (coming soon...).

EMC farms are fully allowed and not patched. This is on purpose so you can gain EMC as the game intends.

Factories are fully allowed but if they start causing lag on the server we will work with you to reduce the lag.

We give out our own credits! This is so you can buy donations without spending a penny/cent of your own money.

We give out generous vote rewards. These also increase the more you vote. Come and play tekkit the way it was intended.

Server listing on the main page says no banned items, but on the server the black hole chest, teleport pipes, and crystal chest are all banned.

Server is laggy and buggy. Items disappear randomly, and blocks often have to be mined two or three times.
Posted 27th May 2020
/warp donate explains it all, the server is extremely pay to win. I mean they're literally handing out millions of dollars in-game and access to creative? Sr. Mod Mrlongdong1st was also extremely unprofessional.
Posted 23rd May 2020
I would not suggest this server to anybody. they literally have no idea what they're doing between them. they have not got anything setup they just built like a 10x10 shack and released the server. they don't even have a warp set. also they didn't have /msg available before i told them. then i was suggesting how to make the server better and they ban me :(
Posted 16th Apr 2020