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Ok, so iv decided to start my own server, its a small one with a maximum of 16 slots so its going to be a white listed server. I am a fairly new server owner but am learning fast. Currently i have essentials and world edit installed so that players can set home and teleport to one and other and i can regenerate land(i.e. quarry holes). there is no main spawn atm but i will be making one at some point soon. there are no banned items and no grief prevention but there is a high chance that these will be added soon.

i am not currently looking for any moderators or admins
i will not give out op
i will most likely not give out random free items
if i find out you are using a hacked client i will ban you

if you wish to join please leave a comment including the following:

In game name:
will i find you on any ban lists and why:
why it is you want to join my server:

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