This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Feed The Bones 0.6.5 Tekkit Lite Server


Feed The Bones - 100% TekkitLite 0.6.5 FUN!

Feed The Bones is a 24/7 PVP TekkitLite server. If you're wondering what TekkitLite is then look no more because - it's basically a fun Minecraft Modpack. We're open to the public (No Whitelist).
Check out our website for the full details, or why not just visit our server?



*Player Versus Player (PVP), Raiding, and Griefing is allowed on our server

*Spamming is not allowed on our server. No one wants to be spammed nor see spam, so just don't.

*No excessive use of capital letters is allowed.

*Do not advertise of other servers. The Feed The Bones staff don't hop on to your server advertising about theirs, so please leave our server free of these advertisements.

*Do not ask for staff positions or builder permissions. Make a application on our forums at and wait for a staff member to answer it

*No pushing AFK people spawn or in the warp chambers/warp cities

*No hacks are allowed

*Do not impersonate staff or other players

*Staff are the law, they know the rules so follow their guidance

*If staff is on, leave the moderating to them

*Use common sense on the server

*If you catch anyone breaking the rules report it on our website on the right section with some screen shots or a video clip. verbal evidence isn't enough

*Report rule breakers at

Joining our server

  1. Grab Tekkit Lite via

  2. Start the Launcher

  3. Select Tekkit Lite on its image on Left Slidebar

  4. Put in your user data

  5. Launch

  6. Enter our multiplayer server address:

  7. Join our online community

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