This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Dade's Tekkit [3.1.2] [24/7] [Res/Towny] [32GB RAM


Server Address:
Server IP:
Port: 25565
Website & Forum:
Dynmap: DadeTekk DynMap

Main Features

  • Multi-Sharded World!
  • EE is (partially) Enabled!
  • Balanced PVP
  • Residence & Towny
  • Player Driven Economy
  • High Performance Hardware


DadeTekk is SMP with full, balanced PVP. How long can you survive? How big can you build your empire? Play alone or with friends, meet new allies! Crush the forces of evil, or good! Will you survive?

We have multiple shards which ensures the best performance and provides lots of space to grow!

We have a fair and balanced economy, player run shops and industrial facilities. Best of all our server is constantly getting faster, with thousands of tweaks and updates making the processes of Tekkit more streamlined every day!

DadeTekk Rules

  1. No cheating: No x-raying, flyhacking, damage prevention, or any other kind of hacking. We have multiple anti-cheat plugins and we're always on the lookout for violators. We use the global MCBans banlist and globally ban anyone who tries to hack or exploit on our server, you have been warned. There are no excuses for this kind of activity.
  2. Griefing is allowed within limits. You may destroy anything that is not protected. We use Hawkeye and we WILL catch you if you break these protections. If its in a protected area, don't touch it!
  3. Respect the Admins, Moderators and especially other players, it's a game, have fun and enjoy it.
  4. No Spamming, this includes constant CAPS and profanity, bad language is allowed within reason but you will be warned if it gets too bad.
  5. Do not ask for promotions, rank ups or Op, you won't get it and may be asked to leave.
  6. Neither Moderators or Admins will spawn items for you, don't ask. It's not a Creative server, its Survival.
  7. If you have a problem or a question, ask an Agent first (Pink Names), they're here to help you! Don't just shout for an admin.

DadeTekk Staff



  • 1000 Player Slots
  • 1Gbps Connection
  • 16 CPU Cores
  • 64gb of DDR3 RAM
  • Linux OS
  • Raid SSD

Notable plugins
HawkEye, WorldGuard, DynMap, Essentials+Economy, Towny, Residence, LWC, PVPLogger

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